Big Creek Charolais often consigns to spring and fall Charolais sales.  Keep an eye out for
outstanding show heifer prospects, herd sire prospects and other herd building females.
Feel free to contact us for pictures, pedigrees, and performance information.
Selling at the Iowa Beef Expo
Monday, February 9, 2015 at 1:30 p.m. - Iowa State Fairgrounds - Des Moines
Crutcher's Big Creek Gold
Big Creek Revved Up 281
M832027    8-30-12
Big Creek Bootlegger 293
Big Creek Angel P
F1169338  3-16-13
Special thanks to Harris Livestock, Hepler, KS, for adding
Revved Up to their herd sire lineup.  Can't wait to see babies
Big Creek HF Addi 1233
9/3/12   EF1163795
Big Creek Made Right 2101 P
10/26/12   EM836256
Big Creek Rival 311 Pld
1/21/13   M836255
Cooley Royce x Lakeview's Angel R46
DR Revelation x Big Creek Hell's Angel
Big Creek HF Remedy 1310
3/28/13    EM835564
Hoodoo Slasher x Big Creek Addison
Special thank you to Murdock family,
IND, for purchasing this special female!
Big Creek Master Chief 334
Big Creek Hustler 332 Pld
M840464   3/21/13
M840463   3/30/13
Royce x Budsmydad x Angel 761
Royce x Bluegrass x Budsmydad x Angel 761
Crutcher Big Creek Sparkle 146A
Crutcher Big Creek Hope 147A
Big Creek Scarlett 392 P
Selling in the Hankins Farms Fall Colors Online Sale
Monday, October 12, 2015 - Breeders World Online Sales
Lot 1
HF Game On
Big Creek Game Changer x HF Tyra
With Hankins Farms
Lot 6
Big Creek HF Gabbi 421 P
Big Creek Game Changer x Big Creek Addison 911 P
With Hankins Farms
Lot 4
LKD Big Creek Game Changer 446
Big Creek Game Changer x WCR Ms Tradition 8361 P
Lot 5
Big Creek Silver Belle 432 P
Big Creek Game Changer x Big Creek Hell's Belle P
Lot 9
Big Creek Blue Angel 3121 P
LT Blue Mountain x Big Creek Angel P 1111
Lot 10
Big Creek HF Callie 1333
Chunky Monkey x Big Creek Addison 911 P
With Hankins Farms
Special thank you to JVS Charolais for their selection of
Addi from the National Charolais Sale in Denver!
Thanks to Peoples Charolais, MO, for their
purchase of Made Right from the Iowa Beef Expo!
Thanks to TC Cattle Services IL,
for purchasing Master Chief!
Thanks to Lakeview Charolais, MO, for selecting Hustler!
2009 Breeders Classic Champion
Big Creek Indian Outlaw P 932
RC Budsmydad x Big Creek Angel P 131

BW: 88  Adj. WW 801   SC: 44 cm

Semen for sale - $20/straw, signings $25.

Call (816) 616-8838 to order or contact your
semen distributor.
First calf reports are great - First daughter to sell
at auction commanded $5,400!
Semen also available from Bovine Elite & Cattle Visions:
Big Creek Dixie 471 P
Mantracker x Big Creek Dixie (Firewater)
Big Creek Bottom Line 423 P ET
Big Creek Traction 424 Pld
Big Creek Game Time 433 Pld
LT Ledger x TR Kate's Wind
DR Revelation x JH Smokehouse (JDJ Smokester)
Big Creek Game Changer x HCR Success
Big Creek HF Gabbi - 3/4 sister to Desiree
Selling in the Hankins Farms Spring Edition Online Sale
Monday, April 13 - Breedersworld
Big Creek WIA Mia 491 P ET
LT Ledger x Big Creek Mia (full sister
to Big Creek Game Changer)
Big Creek Mia 1101 - dam
Big Creek Game Changer 192 P ET -
full brother to Big Creek Mia 1101
Lot 2 - Big Creek Fox Town 521 Pld
M6 Cool Rep x Gridmaker x Big Creek Angel P 131
-Polled Cool Rep son
-Granddam is our National Champion female
-EPD's in the top 7%
-extra performance
-Reserve Champion Bull - 2015 Tulsa State Fair
Lot 7 - Big Creek Dixie 531 P
Big Creek Game Changer x Big Creek Dixie (Success x Prime Cut)
-she's the one!
Lot 4 - Big Creek Night Shift 532 Pld
Big Creek Game Changer x Big Creek Belle 022 P (Bluegrass x BMD x Angel 761)
-Ultra-cool made fella with power and look! Outcross!
Lot 18 - Big Creek Mamie 4111 P
Assertion son x M6 Mamie 938 (Gridmaker x Wind)
-Wow what a beauty! She'll add so much to your program! #cowmaker
Lot 14 - Big Creek Ms Breeze 533 P
TR Mr Diablo x LT Paris Breeze
-So square and pretty! Sweet as can be! Lots of future in this one!
Lot 11 - Big Creek She's a Pistol 528 P
Game Changer x Big Creek Pistol Annie (Success x Wind x D040)
-Power, performance, and a sharp look!
Lot 19 - Big Creek She's a Pistol 528 P
HCR Success x Smokester x Gridmaker x Prime Cut
-Cow power, rib shape, extra body, and femininity all in one package!
Selling at the Ten Grand Sale during the American Royal
Kansas City, Friday, October 30, 1:00 p.m.
Big Creek Desiree 541 P
4/18/15    F1204897
Lot 14
You're going to love this special Game Changer heifer - she's super profiling,
while also carrying the rare combination of softness and rib shape with extra
power in her top and hip, all while keeping a sweet front end.  She has style to
spare, and moves soft and easy.  

Not only that, but she's a 3/4 sister to our heifer who sold for $32,000 last fall in
the Tusa Fall Fantasy Sale, Big Creek HF Gabbi.  You'll see the similarities
immediately!  She stems from one of my best cow families, so rest assured she'll
do the job in the pasture after she's finished in the show ring.
Selling at the Iowa Beef Expo
Des Moines, IA, Monday, February 15, 2016, 1:30 p.m.
Big Creek Change Up 535 Pld
3/20/15  M866523
These Game Changers are really catching attention for their soft and smooth
look, with added thickness and dimension.  I kept a full sister to this bull as
a replacement out of Game Changer's first calf crop.  And, just like his
sister, you're going to love how much softness and rib shape this bull brings
to the table.  His natural thickness and eye appeal add to the package.  His
dam raises a good one every year, and this one is no different.  He'll add
plenty of performance and natural shape to his calves. With balanced
numbers and backed by a great cow family, it's hard to overlook this
attractive bull.

LOT 49 -- Semen tested.
Big Creek Smoke Break 534 Pld
3/2/15  M866521
It's hard to design a bull with more style and squareness in his look, with that show
winning attractiveness and a great head. He’ll add that square hip and nice front to his
calves, while still keeping growth and performance for the pounds that make you
money.  He's an outcross bull that will add diversity to your herd. His sire is a bull
shown and used successfully by Finks and stems from the renowned Picabo cow
family. His dam’s side is one of the great cow families at Big Creek. So many breed
greats in this pedigree – take a look!  He'll work on heifers too. He's ultra-smooth in
his makeup, with a low birthweight, and great feet and legs. He’ll be worth adding to
your spring herd sire group.

LOT 40 -- Semen tested.
Selling in the AM Livestock Pasture Promises Online Sale
Tuesday, April 19 - Hosted by CW Online Sales
Big Creek HF Addison
10/10/15  Wyoming Cowboy x Big Creek Addison
Fancy! This heifer is going to turn some heads out on the show circuit. Not only will she make you
look twice when you see her picture with that profile that keeps on giving, super length of body, and a
gorgeous front. She's a maternal sister to the famous Big Creek HF Gabbi who sold for $32,000 in the
Tusa Fall Fantasy sale. Gabbi went on to collect several banners on the circuit, so you know you're
getting the purple bred in on this one! Wyoming Cowboy calves are known for producing power and
performance in a smooth show ring style package. Take a look at the picture of her dam and sister,
and that's all you need to know!
Big Creek Bandwagon 551 Pld
5/15/15  Game Changer x Big Creek Angel P 021
Jump on the Bandwagon of these successful Game Changer calves. Game Changers have been winning
purple from KC to Houston to Louisville. If you're looking for power, performance, and eye-appeal in
one attractive package, you've come to the right place. This guy has been a head turner from the start,
and his scale mashing physique will impress anyone looking to add pounds and money to their calf
crop. Not only that, but he's as sound and free and easy on the move as you can make one. He's the
rare combination of power and soundness! His dam is a super heavy milking and powerfully made
daughter of Gridmaker and the National Champion, Big Creek Angel P131. Also, his dam is a full sister
to the dam of this year's Breeder's Classic Champion bull, Big Creek Fox Town! These power sisters
have made some powerful herd sires this year. With outcross genetics, backed by a successful cow
family, he'll make a great addition to your herd sire lineup. Semen tested and ready to go!